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United Beverage Solutions (UBS) specializes in custom coffee solutions, from specialty beans to ready-to-drink blends. We offer diverse beverage options, backed by our global bottling and canning capabilities.

Serving leaders in hospitality, events, retail, and more, we’re a one-stop shop for bespoke beverage needs, always aiming to meet the unique demands of each audience.


United Beverage Solutions (UBS) crafts tailored beverage strategies, specializing in coffee—from grade 1 specialty beans to blends, concentrates, and ready-to-drink solutions. We also develop non-coffee beverages. With our global bottling and canning facilities, we offer a streamlined, one-stop solution for OEM & ODM opportunities.

Our clients cover a diverse spectrum including leaders in Hospitality (hotels, resorts, restaurants, and catering), Events, Retailers, C-Stores, Office Coffee, and Celebrity Personalities. With a dedicated emphasis on the coffee and barista sector, we are uniquely poised to address the distinct needs of this industry. Regardless of the domain, our mission remains consistent; to deliver tailored beverage solutions that meet the demands of each specific audience.


A standout capability of ours is the formulation of beverage concentrates. In an expanding industry with limited manufacturers, our expertise stands unrivaled.

This includes everything from hot or cold brew coffee and teas to invigorating juice refreshers. Our meticulous process guarantees top-tier concentrates, seamlessly scalable to satisfy extensive volume needs.


It all starts with coffee.

Working directly with farmers in the Harar region of Ethiopia from inception, the vision was to empower small family farms to cultivate the highest quality grade 1heirloom specialty coffee while increasing their annual earnings and improving the quality of living in the region; by bringing together coffee growers with coffee lovers we can build a healthier global community.

With a direct relationship with the coffee farms, we closely monitor the product and have implemented blockchain technologies to provide transparency to our customers and continue to remain active in our social responsibility.

Due to the increasing demand for quality cold beverages, we have developed concentrates for Cold Brew Coffees, Iced Coffees, Cold Brew Teas, Cascara, and Lemonades.

Manufacturing locations include Canada, the US, Malaysia, and the Middle East.




We provide standard and custom options for bag-in-box operations.  

Shelf stable for 15 months from production.  

Sizes and connectors to work with various dispensing equipment options.  



Glass or plastic bottle concentrate formats or Tetra, we offer our concentrate in the formats that work best for your business needs and market strategies. 

Custom concentrate ratios for versatility.



Ready-To-Drink can, bottle, or Tetra formats.  

Our RTD lines are built to offer maximum output and efficiency to get your product ready for the retail channel.  

Nitro or Carbonated options are available.



Leveraging our direct relationship with farmers, we offer quality specialty-grade coffees in a variety of formats. 

Our nitrogen flush production ensures a long shelf life, maximizing freshness.


Perfect Delivery

Selecting the RIGHT equipment

At UBS, we emphasize matching beverages with the ideal equipment for perfect delivery. With our esteemed partnerships, such as being distributors for Vivreau Water Filters and the master distributor for Urnex in Canada, we present top-tier equipment maintenance solutions. We work to equip you with the perfect apparatus, tailored to your individual requirements. Whether you need an under-the-counter or countertop system, cold and hot drinks, or a combination of all, UBS will provide the customized service to ensure your customers get the best experience! Put faith in us, and we’ll take care of the rest!



United Beverage Solutions (UBS) is proud to be a trusted partner and master distributor of Urnex products in Canada. Recognized globally for its dedication to maintaining the highest standards in coffee equipment care, Urnex boasts a legacy of unparalleled quality and innovation. By aligning with Urnex, UBS further demonstrates its commitment to providing clients with top-tier beverage solutions. Our partnership ensures that our customers benefit from both world-class beverages and the assurance of optimal equipment performance.


United Beverage Solutions (UBS) is delighted to partner with and distribute products from Vivreau, a frontrunner in advanced water filtration systems. Vivreau is renowned for transforming ordinary tap water into pure, filtered still or sparkling water, epitomizing sustainability, and taste excellence. Through our collaboration with Vivreau, UBS reinforces its dedication to offering clients environmentally friendly and high-quality beverage solutions. This alliance ensures that our clientele receives the perfect amalgamation of premium hydration and eco-conscious choices.


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